School Parties.

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You know at the beginning of the year when you sign up for parties throughout the year to bring snacks or drinks or really anything else the class may need. Well I usually try to do opposite times for each kid because it’s just less chaotic that way and easier for my stress. I know one little thing seems silly, but I really need it to help my sanity. Anyways, I have noticed that both Ry and Grahm’s classes always come up short with needing something. I emailed both their teachers letting them know that if they are short on something to please let me know and I can get it for them. I have been filled in multiple times this year and I am just fine with that. Except Ry is in 2nd grade and Grahm is in preschool and he only goes two days a week full days. Class parties don’t always happen on the same day, so my brain needs like a whole week to process it all so I can be worry free when the day comes. This month is Valentine’s day, so of course they get parties and get to do all kinds of fun things for it. Rylee’s party is on a Monday, and Grahm’s is on a Thursday. Both need to bring snacks for their class rooms. Which is fine I have them already to go, but I still feel stressed about it. It’s probably because this year the kids get to make their own Valentine’s day boxes/bags at home and bring them into the school. For the past like 5-6 years they haven’t made them at home they just do it at the school. Now I get to help make their boxes at home before the parties all while tackling being a mom of 4 kiddos and one of them being involved with basketball having 3 games this week. (Insert crazy/stressed out emoji face here) Since Rylee’s party is first I am going to help her accomplish hers then we will move onto Grahm’s box. Rylee wants to make her box into a Koala, which looking up ideas on Pinterest, I think I found one that will be rather simple to do! *Phew* Now to figure out what Grahm will want to do….he has been into Minecraft lately which I know nothing about, but I would assume he will want to do something from that. Which might take some time, but shouldn’t be too difficult. I have the Valentine goodies all ready to go and I made it simple this year by just doing the same thing for each kiddo! This year since pop its are so fun that’s what we are doing. I ordered small ones off of Amazon and I am going to print a saying out wording “Thanks for being a popping Valentine” or something along those lines!

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