Weekly changes.

Can anyone relate to me? When it comes to supper I get really good for a week and then fall back into not making much for supper. Well when Sam (husband) was gone on a hunting trip at the end of the month I was so organized and made a meal every single day. I made a menu of what I was going to make and made sure I had the right ingredients to do so. If I didn’t I then made a grocery list and made an order to pick it up. Then when that day came I knew what I was making whether it be a simple crock-pot meal or something quick I can make at night. Either way I didn’t have to stress or worry about it and it really helped a lot. I have the kids give me ideas on what they want or I throw in one of their favorites for the week. We are cattle farmers here, so our beef is our number one meat that we eat. We have been getting low on ground beef lately so I have been trying to hold off and find other things to make with our beef or use chicken or pork. Which is kind of nice to try new things. Thankfully our beef will be ready to be picked up within a week or two! I keep track of my food menu for the week in my reminder on my phone so I can stick to what I have planned for that night and it really has helped a lot. So what’s on the menu this week!?

-Monday: Frozen pizza (because we had basketball and I didn’t have my grocery list prepared)
-Tuesday: Chicken bacon pasta (New recipe I will link it in my recipe page) https://heyitsabbey.com/recipes/

-Wednesday: Hamburgers, I know it’s not grilling season here, but I LOVE cooking my hamburgers in the air fryer! They are so juicy and don’t get that “phlegmy” junk on them when you make them on the stove or in the oven.

-Thursday: Stuffed shells that I have frozen. It’s another late basketball night for us, so I will pull it out of the freezer for dad and the kiddos to eat while we are gone. Super easy for him to do! No more ramen noodles or mac & cheese when I am gone 😉

-Friday: Taco pasta I just ran across this recipe on Facebook and it looks super simple and delicious! It will be another late night with basketball, but it’s a home game so we won’t be home super late. A quick 15-20 minute meal will be just what we need for the night!

What is something that helps you keep organized for the week?! I am so “list” girl! Give me all the lists so I can cross things off…that makes my heart light up!

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