Blissful Sundays

In the past I have mentioned how Sunday’s have just been a struggle when it comes to going to church. I make sure the kiddos get to Sunday school every weekend, but staying for church hasn’t been something we have been doing. It comes down to having 3-4 kids in church by yourself isn’t that easy, I go to church and get nothing out of it because I’m dealing with kids being all over me or not listening, or being loud. I just don’t get what I would want out of it to make it worth going. It’s not that I don’t like going because when I go I do feel at ease and enjoy it. We have been a few times this past year when the kids would have something they do in the service and it wasn’t bad. Yes, my husband was there too so it made it easier to coordinate the chaos 😆. I’m thinking it’s time to give it a try again even if Sam can’t make it, my sister-in-law goes weekly and that should help with the kiddos having their cousins there to play with and maybe keep them in the pews. I say this and then I know we won’t be going this weekend, we are having a long over due sleepover with our niece this weekend!

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