The heat of the moment.

Our oldest is in basketball, and well I usually keep to myself and not get caught in the heath of the moment when it comes to his games. Except for his game on Monday, the team that they played was definitely an aggressive team…but nothing that our team couldn’t keep up with. The game was one of their toughest competitions I would say that we have had this far. Now, like I said I don’t usually get loud or complain when it comes to his games. Monday’s game though the whole teams crowd was riled up. The team we were playing against had more of a cocky, in your face attitude and it really just rubbed me the wrong way. Especially the contact that they put on our team. Then you have the refs who just wanted to call everything on us and wouldn’t call it for both sides. The game was a close one throughout the entire time. The whole crowd was getting into it and man oh man I voiced my opinions as the refs kept calling the game. I love watching the boys play and really doesn’t bother me if they win or lose, but that game my heart was racing, adrenaline was PUMPING, and I could not wait to holler for a Mustang VICTORY for the boys! They DID IT! They held them off and got the “W” by a basket! Needless to say we were all pumped for that win! The other team…well they took it as expected with poor attitudes and pouting as they played an extra 15 minutes. It was a good win and game by the boys. I can’t wait to go watch them play again tonight!

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