Valentine’s Day!

The day all the kiddo’s have been waiting for! Their classroom parties are today! Well, Rylee’s is…Grahm only goes to preschool twice a week so he gets to celebrate on Thursday! We finished our Valentines for their classmates and teachers. We also finished their boxes and they are so happy about them! I am guessing they will be in their room on display after they bring them back home. Not even kidding. Rylee decided on a Koala, and Grahm decided on a black bull with white horns. Now, Rylee’s was straight from Pinterest when it comes to finding an idea. Grahm’s on the other hand….well it isn’t “Pinterest perfect” being a mom teaches you to let the perfection that you could do as a mother when it comes to boxes/projects down. Things do not have to be perfect in the eye of a child. As long as you get the main concepts down that’s ALL that matters. If it looks anything like what they wanted animal/creative wise you are winning big time! Put the perfectionist down when it comes to helping your kiddos with projects. Let them help and let their vision of their project come to life. Trust me, that smile on Grahm’s face is the perfection I was looking for! He is so PUMPED for his black bull with white horns and that is all that matters. Don’t be afraid to share those pictures with your kiddo holding their box even if it’s “not the best” because in your child’s eye it is the BEST! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!

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