Tasteful Tuesday.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Tasteful Tuesday….should I make this a thing?! You will have to tell me in the comments! I had posted last week about how I have made weekly changes and I tend to slack on suppers occasionally, so prepping a list of items I need and what I am making helps me stay on track! I plan meals Monday-Tuesday and usually get groceries on Tuesday when I don’t work. I know I am one that gets burned out of meals or ideas on what to make, so I am always looking for new ideas. I figured this could help you plan your suppers or at the least give you an idea. Saturday and Sunday are left over days or if something comes up in the week and we had a change of plans for supper the night we missed will roll into the weekend! Sunday nights are our household family movie night, so it’s popcorn for supper 🙂 Here is what this weeks menu looks like:

Monday: Taco Pasta (this was a run over that we never had this last week) I’m anxious to try it!

Tuesday: Crispy Chicken

Wednesday: Stuffed Green Peppers

Thursday: Teriyaki Pork Chops

Friday: Tator Tot Casserole

All recipes can be found here https://heyitsabbey.com/recipes/ and make sure you let me know if this is something I should continue to post on my blog page or start a new page specifically for this!

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