Unexpected Outcome.

Well, the kiddos had their dentist check up the other day, and I think the outcome we got was shocking for both the dentist and myself. Do our kids teeth get brushed twice a day every day, no but they get brushed at least once a day the majority twice a day. Rylee girl was in the clear, but when it came to Grahm it was a hit in the face. His dentist was shocked too. Last time they took x-rays because he was due. He had watches on a couple of his teeth but nothing to be concerned about to keep what we were doing and he will be fine. They took more x-rays today to check on his teeth…that’s when the bus came out of no where and got us. Grahm has to get 8….yes EIGHT caps on ALL his molars, and then two fillings on some teeth up front. As soon as he told me that I am sure my face said it all. The dentist said it wasn’t our brushing, that it was some type of bacteria just attacking his teeth. He said we could have brush every single day and this still would have happened. Well that’s great! Hopefully we won’t continue down this path with him. He has to have two appointments and will do one side at each. I pray that he does well with the laughing gas and he can get them taken care of then, I pray that we don’t have to stop because he is uncomfortable and can’t continue. If he can’t relax and be calm with the laughing gas then he will have to get the procedure done in a hospital setting where he will have to be put under anesthesia. Next month we go in for the first side with laughing gas. All prayers, thoughts, and good vibes are much appreciated.

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