Potty Training.

Can anyone really say they love to potty train? I have honestly been putting it off for MONTHS because one it takes so much time and patience, and two our family schedule has been so crazy it’s not even funny. How many times have you started potty training and then stopped?! For Heath, I think I have tried 2 times. The first time he was showing interest, but he was seriously wetting himself every 5 minutes, so I knew it just wasn’t going to happen. The second time he didn’t do too bad, but he just didn’t care how many times he peed somewhere or on himself or cared if he even made it to the bathroom. I felt defeated and quit. I tried the candy, the prizes, the stickers and nothing seemed to help. I even purchased the potty training book that gets them trained in 3 days. Not going to lie that thing was overwhelming and our family schedule just wouldn’t allow me to stay home for 3 days straight and not go anywhere. Well this past week Heath was getting to the point that he would instantly take his pull up off right after he peed and let me know. We were going through way to many pull ups in one hour that I said yeah that’s not happening. Yesterday, I decided you know I am home I will see what happens if I try it again. I stayed with him the majority of the time so I could keep an eye on him. He wouldn’t tell me he had to go potty, but he would take his pants off when he had to go. SO if/when I witnessed him doing just that I would drop what I was doing and say do you need to go potty? He would answer me saying yes! It was a start! He would continue to kick his underwear off when he had to go, but then on those longer stretches I would ask if he needed to go potty and he would answer me yes or no. I put him in pull ups for the night, and when he woke up in the morning he was DRY!!! I took him to the bathroom and he went! I worked in the morning so, I figured I would do the best that I could to keep up on it. Well he had breakfast and his milk once we got to the office I had to get payroll done and lost track of time. Are you ready for this!? HE told me he had to go potty!!! After that he continued to tell me when he had to go and I asked him too. We had one accident but it’s to be expected. I am certainly calling this a win and CANNOT wait for the day that I can STOP buying diapers/pull-ups! Keep it up Heathy boy!

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