Going on a hunt.

Have you ever been so ready to shoot your target and the gun jams?!


So fucking annoying.

My husband wasnโ€™t home this morning and I was up at 6. I woke up made the bed opened the curtains to see not only ONE but freaking TWO coyotes. I immediately text my husband and brother in law completely jacked!

My husband asks if Iโ€™m going after them. So I sit there shaking like no other, and think yes Iโ€™m doing it. Thereโ€™s no way they will still be there by the time I get dressed and get the gun ready.

Well those SOBs were! My husband FaceTimes me and I have the gun loaded and ready to go. I walk out and see a coyote running to the south. I instantly think dammit they are gone. I couldnโ€™t see the spot that they were at yet so I said screw it Iโ€™ll go look. They were there! I didnโ€™t have a clear shot so I got closer. By that time they were moving and for whatever reason they decided to come back and closer.

At this time I am all set up on the bale and ready, I couldnโ€™t have asked for a better opportunity! Slowed my breathing, safety off, finger on trigger, slow, steady pull backโ€ฆ.and puffโ€ฆ.the freaking gun jammed. I called my husband as the coyotes were still there and he walked me through how to clear it, but by that time they caught on and I had no shot off.

Fucking pissed ๐Ÿ˜ก all I know is those SOBs better be back tomorrow because Iโ€™m ready for them now!

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