Guess who’s back.

First coyote ever. 2022

I have watched Sam go out countless hours to hunt anything really. I understood why, but now I can say I officially know why! I can’t even explain all the emotions I felt after I put it down. I always thought that Sam would be right by my side on my first kill. I would be lying if I said doing it myself didn’t feel better than ever. I think the fact I did it all by myself really made this moment one to never forget.

Yesterday there was a pair in the field I noticed when opening my curtains. I told Sam he walked me through it over FaceTime because he’s not home. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity. Perfect set up, the gun jammed. I wasn’t too happy. This morning I was determined to go after it again if it came back. Well…right on time it came back and without hesitation I went for it and got it!

First one down ever and I am so pumped!!

I set my alarm for 6:15 because that’s around the time that the two were there before. I slept like crap the night before so when 6 o’clock hit I was up. First thing I did was check to see if I saw anything. Nothing, okay I’ll go back to bed then. I stayed in bed for 10-15 minutes and couldn’t sleep so I got up. Checked out the window one more time and nothing. Then I heard a child up and he wanted some milk. I said okay let me make my bed really quick and I’ll be out. I made my bed, and opened the curtains and told myself I’m checking it one more time and that’s it. I kid you not!!! I looked out and watched the coyote walk up to the steer! My heart immediately raced as I scurried to get my clothes on. I ran out to the living room told Grahm what was going on, got his milk, and quietly went to the garage as the others were still sleeping. I get the gun loaded and ready and make my quiet walk to the bales where I have the best chance of getting it. I took my gloves off, got set, took the safety off, controlled my emotions, and steadily held the gun ready to shoot! Deep breath in and slowly pulled the trigger! The coyote acted hit but took off running, so I shot again…rolled it…got back up and ran again, I took my last shot whether it’s because I missed it because it would be over the bill and out of site. I rolled it again. I couldn’t see it. Safety on, gloves on, RAN to the ranger. Got in it and took off for the field. Up over the hill and I just start hollering! I got it!!! I freaking got it and all by myself! The kids were pumped, I was pumped, the husband was pumped!! Today is a day I will never forget! However, I can’t wait for the day to come where Sam is by my side when I get another one.

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