Itching for spring.

It has been beautiful here lately and it’s making me want Spring even more. This weather knew we needed it. It has been so nice being outside all day long for the past couple days as time allowed us to. We have been letting our chickens out again with it being nice out and they are loving it. Now we just need that grass to turn green it looks pretty dead. Along with the weather getting nice…our new cattle barn is really making some progress. A few hiccups here and there, but a trip to the manufacturer and they got it taken care of. It is crazy to see how fast it gets put up once the materials get here. Rafters are being added one by one, and we even got panels of tin yesterday! This has been a long awaited project and for awhile it felt like there was no completion in sight. It is so wild to think we will have 1,000 (give or take a few) head on our property. I won’t forget the first time Sam brought it up to me, and honestly I wasn’t excited for it at all. We have oh 200-ish on our property now and the only thing that gets me are the flies and the smell. It’s not even that bad BUT we have some days where it’s just powerful. Like you can’t go outside for more than a minute and you smell like it. That’s why I wasn’t too excited for adding a bigger barn and more cattle. Once I sat down and pointed out my concerns and ideas on where I thought it would be best we all came to an agreement and I am more than happy for what is to come! There are different things added to this new barn that will help make everything more efficient and help with the manure and flies. All in all I am beyond excited for this barn to be completed. Bring on the custom feeding, indoor working facility, indoor office added onto the barn, and so much more!

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