Tasteful Tuesday.

It’s Tasteful Tuesday, and I am doing things a little different this week per the husbands request. We will see how it works out, but I have a feeling I am going to prove him wrong. This weekend he complained about me making too much food in the week and that we “Waste so much of it.” I go how do we waste it? I told him I eat left overs throughout the whole week for lunch, and then we have leftovers over the weekend. He continued to tell me that we waste so much of it, and that we just don’t eat it in time and it just goes bad. Well…I have news for him, we have literally finished everything I have made last week except a tiny bit of roast that I will throw out today. Other than that the only thing we have left is the meal I made on Friday, which I am going to continue to eat. He told me I needed to make supper like every other night. Alright, Sam…I will try that. I have to busy/long nights this week, so it will be left over night on those two days. We will see how it works out. Please excuse my lighter menu this week, as we are trialing a new outtake on Tasteful Tuesdays 😉

Monday: Grilling hamburgers having fries for a side

Tuesday: Hamloaf

Wednesday: Busy/late night leftovers

Thursday: Steak with Corn Casserole

Friday: Busy/late night leftovers

As always, find all the recipes right here: https://heyitsabbey.com/recipes/ I think the only thing that hasn’t been shared is the corn casserole!

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