Tasteful Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday! This weeks menu is full of repeats and easy meals, with a side of one new recipe! Is it getting hard to find new things? A little, not going to lie I was really not looking forward to coming up with meals. I did have a request though, so that filled in one of my days! Also, Friday is officially a left over day until soccer is done, or maybe I will find some crock-pot meals. Here is this weeks meals!

Monday: Baked Ziti – Husband’s fave.

Tuesday: Homemade Taco Pizza – this is the new recipe that looks really simple and tasty!

Wednesday: Egg Sandwiches – not the most appetizing thing in the world, but we love them and this is another late/busy night!

Thursday: Garlic Butter Tilapia – this is my requested meal for the week! So easy and delicious!

Friday: Leftovers: This is my busy night with running kids around and soccer practice. Leftovers it is until I can get crock-pot meals figured out for this day!

As always you can find all the recipes here: https://heyitsabbey.com/recipes/ (Might just have to scroll up and down to find them)

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