Proud Of Him.

I don’t tell him at all, but I am so proud of my husband and what he has accomplished when it comes to building his farm. I remember when I first met Sam, he worked part time on the farm with/for his dad, and then worked full time at the Co-op. Shortly after getting married and having our first child he made the switch to quit the co-op and work full time on the farm. It made me a little nervous, but he is always the one to look at the bigger picture and make sure it can be done before making the decision. Now, I am not saying it is just him who has made this happen, but he does have a lot of input as to what goes on when it comes to the farm. When I first met Sam, they had 3-4 bulls. These bulls were huge, like state fair biggest bull goes to…yeah his beat them almost every single year. Sam has worked hard on getting the farm up to more of a modern farm. I remember their old feeding system, which don’t get me wrong it certainly got the job done, but looking back at it and seeing what is getting done today is mind blowing. He had a bunk, feed cart, and the feed would get turned on, Sam would watch it with his phone timer and would make adjustments depending on how much feed was left in the bunk. He would have to pull the cart down the bunks and then push it back up to the start. Now, he has a TMR mixer which tells you the weight of ingredients you are adding into it and is just all around much better of a system. Now, we have not four bulls, but eleven bulls which is really crazy if you think about it. I tagged along with Sam this past weekend to do chores with him and check cattle. We went to where the bulls are at, and he looks at me with a big smile on his face and he goes this is my favorite part. As he dumps buckets of corn for all the bulls lined up and eating right in front of us. I had to agree with him, it was a pretty neat feeling when you thought about it. He works hard for his farm and us. He loves what he does, even if it throws some big wrenches in his way every once in awhile. He is making it possible for our kids who love to be on the farm will have something for themselves and then some eventually. Being a farmer takes someone special, and I definitely found someone special. Watching how much the farm has changed over the years is crazy but makes me feel so happy for him. Life with a farmer is a lot, but I wouldn’t change it for the life of me.

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