Change of plans.

Today is my day to work, and Sam’s week went to shit the first 30 minutes of his day Monday. Grahm has his second round (hopefully last major) of dental work today. The new barn is set to (hopefully) be completed to the point where cattle can FINALLY be moved into it. Even if it’s just one pen that’s all we really need at this point. There is just a lot going on this week. Sam was making his to do list last night with his brother when I overheard him talking. He was planning on taking Grahm to his appointment, before Monday came along. Well I think I have reminded him or brought it up to him multiple times, because it really is no problem for me to change my days or go in later to work. It came down to it that I was going to take Grahm to his appointment and just get into work late today. He will have the little guy with him. Today they get their 75 head of heifers from the sale they had this week. Which will go in with a custom feed group in one of our lots until the new barn is ready for the switch. They will have room, it just might be a little tight. Then they will make the move to their new pen in the new barn fingers crossed this week! The new barn has set us back multiple times getting cattle bought, and Sam really wanted to get cattle locally verses having to go out of state and not seeing the cattle before buying them to fill the pen up. I think he made it known to the builder what he was wanting to do, and they are pushing it hard to get it wrapped up so we don’t get screwed out of buying more cattle. Here is to a quite 45 minutes to myself while Grahm gets his dental work done, and to a short work day, but busy week!

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