Poor man.

Yesterday Grahm had his second half of his dental work done and he is finally finished! Poor little man, had some type of bacteria attacking his teeth. All together he had to get 8 silver caps total, and then two white fillings. They did it in two appointments because it’s definitely a lot for anyone to do. He came out with the assistant, and she couldn’t stop raving about how excellent he was. She said I was all of our patients were as perfect as him. Then she went over the usual rules when it came to him being numb for awhile and to have soft foods that don’t take much effort into eating them. I treated him to some ice cream and we headed to the office. On our way to the office he had his ice cream, and I looked back to see it running out of his mouth. Poor kid had no idea, so I had to pull over and make a bib for him. Once we got to the office he hung out for a little while and then he wanted a popsicle, he was still pretty numb so I told him that was fine. After all a popsicle doesn’t take much effort when it comes to eating. He finished it and then went about his day. Twenty minutes later he turns around and he has red all over his mouth and hands. It was blood, he bit his lip just messing with the numbing sensation. Today he now has a huge fat lip and a pretty gnarly looking one too. I am hoping it heals quickly, I know it bothers him. He wasn’t too thrilled to go to school today because of the way it looked. I might have to try icing it to help the swelling. Hopefully he didn’t get too many stares and questions about it today at school.

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