Pantry update.

A little update on my pantry. It’s not quite finished yet, I have a few more of the pop can/canned item containers coming to me and then I think I will be happy. With these containers I am able to keep things in a row and it’s more eye pleasing for me. I love that I can order 10 cans of and item at once to keep it in stock at our house, so I don’t have to run to the store multiple times a week to get canned items for meals. It’s easy to see if I am low so I can add that to my order when I place one. I finished this section of it on Thursday, and later that day my husband commented about how nice the pantry looked. Not only does it look good, but it’s going to be so simple to keep it organized and kids won’t be throwing stuff in random spots. Every item has its own place in the pantry and very easy to get use to. My over stock is in our “old” pantry in the hallway. I place items there that we go through/use more often than some. I make sure I have multiples of those on hand, even though they don’t all fit in our main pantry. This way I can easily refill the container once it gets low. I found these pop can containers on Amazon, but they are cheaper at Wal-Mart. Waiting on a few more to get here and then it should be complete! Then onto my old pantry, it’s not horrible but the bottom floor level drives me crazy. It’s everything just thrown in the bottom that I can’t fit anywhere else. I need to go through some of the items and decide if I really need or want them.

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