Burn baby burn.

What a day! I am currently snuggled up in my bed with my heated blanket on relaxing….yes, I am typing this last night. Rylee girl had soccer in the morning, and then we went with Sam to burn at a friend’s land. After we finished there we had more to burn of ours. Let’s just say the wind had a mind of its own. It could be blowing one way and then change directions in a minute. It was a beautiful day for it though! We got to our place to burn and things were going great. Then for whatever reason it decided to throw us a loop. The back burn didn’t hold…or re-lit from the wind and got into the windrow…causing it to go into the timber. That left the guys working late and cutting down trees and needing so much water to keep it controlled. Tomorrow is supposed to be windy and they want to make sure nothing more starts from it when the wind picks up. I think the kiddos and I got back home around 9:45. They were all awake when we left the river (except Heath and Grahm) okay so I guess only one of them was awake, but their cousins were all still awake too. By the time we got home they were all cozy up with each other and I didn’t want to move them. Sam went back to the first burn site to help cut down trees and put out anymore fires that needed to be dealt with. I got all the kiddos out of the ranger and to their beds. After that I needed to do the little chores, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs. I was really, REALLY thinking about just not doing them since it was so late and they would most likely just be sleeping anyways. The cats were at my feet the whole time I brought each kiddo in, so I figured I better feed them. Which made me feel bad that I wasn’t going to do the others. I quickly checked/did the others and it was probably a good thing that I did because the chickens were completely out of feed. The lucky ladies got a 5 gallon bucket of hominy because we didn’t have feed for them. -Put that on my to do list for next week! They LOVE hominy though, the protein in that is so much more than what they get in their regular feed. Then before going inside I took a moment to appreciate how good we have it in the country. If you haven’t been in the country at night you NEED to. I love everything about the sky, and love the stars and moon. Trust me, there is nothing like being in the country without city lights soaking up all the moon and stars. Which reminds me, we saw the most amazing shooting star tonight! I haven’t seen anything like it! It was so long and so intense! Alright, rambling enough…if you stayed with me this far you’re a saint! Here is to hoping my husband gets home soon!

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