Putting me first.

Yuck, I have a sinus infection (self diagnosing) but 100% know that’s for sure what it is. It hit me in the butt yesterday. I haven’t been doing a whole lot but then again I have. I can’t just sit down and do nothing all day. I still got my shows caught up, but I also finished my organizing! Wednesday, I caught up on laundry, and smaller house work things. I feel like I did more than what I actually did but I didn’t. I was kind of lazy Wednesday. I skipped a work out because I just wasn’t feeling it. I wish I did it though. For someone who hasn’t worked out in a long time to someone who has worked out for the past 2 weeks I am really regretting not doing it. Rest is important though right now. I am trying to kick this thing has fast as I can. I feel fine other than my ears and sinus areas. Yesterday, now I was productive! I had made a grocery pick up for 9-10 time lot, and remembered that I needed to pick up our register grills for our vents that got ruined from the storm! I CANNOT wait to have those on! Made some returns and back home we went. I got home around 9:30, got groceries put away and then by the time I got those put away pantry organizers/canned good holders came! I finished my pantry, and I finished the top cabinet above the fridge that is always a mess! Then I moved onto the old pantry and organized the containers better. Noodles in one basket, breakfast items in another, dressings, and so on. It’s better for the most point. I have a few more things I am waiting on to organize some items. I cleaned out and organized my spice cabinet. Holy cow does it look like a completely new cabinet! Next I will move onto my crazy game closet, scentsy, and gift wrapping closet. I am probably going to get rid of a bunch of gift bags that I won’t use or might be ripping. Then I think that I will be satisfied with everything! A very productive day it was, and now to take it easy before supper!

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