Easter 2022

It’s been a bit. Enjoyed the weekend with the kiddos doing all the fun Easter things! Saturday, we went to our church Easter egg hunt…which is basically the main town Easter egg hunt! We helped fill 1,000 eggs in 3-4 hours to watching SO many kids clean them up in literally 2 MINUTES! Absolutely unreal how many people are there and how fast it gets picked up! Once that was over we got home and decorated eggs! Next year I am thinking we will just decorate them with stickers and not dye them. I had the dye, and stickers for them. I think they enjoyed the stickers more and it was way cleaner than dye! Then Sunday morning the kiddos woke up to find the Easter bunny made their way to our house! We had some pretty excited kiddos! I took the kiddos to Sunday school, and went to church after that! We had plans to eat with the in-laws, but things changed and we pushed it back to another time. That left us all trying to figure out an Easter meal for our families separately. We ended up having steak, potatoes, strawberries and blueberries with strawberry dip, deviled eggs, and a pasta salad. It really hit the spot! I found a new way to make our potatoes and they are delicious! I have a Ninja Foodi Grill, and I air crisp them in there. I cut them up, add them into a bowl, pour some olive oil on them, and sprinkle some Lawry’s salt. Add them to the grill on 390 degrees for about 20 minutes! Really dang good! Then, when I thought maybe we could relax for a bit…I should have known better! Friday or Saturday, I can’t remember which one we had one of our feeder calves break a leg from the knee up. We couldn’t take it to the sale barn or have Holy Cow come get it because they have to be walking by themselves which is understandable. Instead of it going to waste, we were able to find someone Sam knew to come get it on Saturday and butcher it for us. They butchered it on Sunday, and made ground beef for us. It’s not going to be like what we usually have in our freezer, but I was definitely wanting more ground beef than what we got. I guess I have that now! 150 pounds of ground beef! That was just half of us, and thank God we split it with my in-laws. Sam and I spent way too many hours weighing, packing, vacuuming, and sealing 150 pounds of ground beef. I couldn’t have finished 300 pounds in one night. It really wasn’t that bad and I kind of enjoyed it actually. We had a good system down and we worked as fast as we could. I think I crawled into bed at 11:30 last night. My head hit the pillow and I was out. We will use the beef we packaged last night first before our actual beef we got from the locker. It looked really good though and I can’t wait to try it.

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