Cattle Move.

Well if you haven’t gathered that we live on a farm yet then I am not doing my job right. Calving season is here, and we have been needing to move the herd off of the cornstalks for some time now. It has just been too wet and too many new babies to really push them hard. Usually my husband, brother in law, and father in law do the moving/pushing and then myself and sister in law block the road for people traveling on it. This time we were in on the action, and I have to say it was a flipping blast. I have always wanted to get in on it myself and not just riding with Sam. It went fairly well for all the little calves we had. It might have taken literally two hours to get them all moved, but with all the new calves, and making sure we got them all it took some time. I have helped Sam a few other times when it came to separating a mama and calf to doctor the mama and push her to the working area. I love being apart of the whole operation and not just watching from the sidelines all the time. Maybe from here on out we will be able to help with the move more than just blocking the roads. This move wasn’t too far though, a lot of the times we have to block the road because the pairs are on the road for a decent amount of time. The other days move was just across the road, so no need to block the road too much. I now know what it feels like to for someone to mess up your move though. (Insert big ol’ eye roll here) My father in law and I had been chasing/working a cow and her calf to get across the road. Well she decided to run right through the electric fence instead, and we finally got her back to the cornstalks and moving in the right direction without fighting us. Then my husband drives right up to her and scares her off again. Mark and I just looked at each other like are you freaking kidding me. Why on earth did he just do that. Well later that night he said something about how he told his brother that I just gave him an ass chewing. Well I didn’t because I had little ears listening, but in my mind I most definitely did. He apologized as he didn’t realize what was going on and he was just trying to cut the mom off from her calf, so he could grab the calf and make her follow him. After a few more chases we finally got her to the other side.

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