First Scrimmage.

Well tonight is Grahm’s first baseball/tball scrimmage. This is his first year going out, and they have had no practices with the weather being not good. To say that this should be interesting is an understatement. Grahm, decided he didn’t want to go out for soccer this year and wanted to do baseball. We will see how this goes, he didn’t like soccer because he didn’t like the competition between everyone. He rather them all just pass the ball back and forth haha! Baseball is kind of a one man sport when it comes to being by yourself, and not getting the ball taken away from you like soccer. We will see how he does tonight, without having any idea what he is doing! I told him he will be sticking this sport out no matter what. We let him quit soccer as it was a screaming and crying match when I would just bring it up. I hope this will be a little better. From here on out he will only have games unless they squeeze in a practice because they haven’t had any! Should be an entertaining year!

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