Tasteful Tuesday.

It’s time again, and I have to say I have been dragging my feet on this one. My meal that I was planning on making yesterday, ended up getting switched out because I forgot to lay the meat out! It has been so rainy and gloomy here that my motivation has gone out the window lately. Which really isn’t what I need for this week because on my days off I need to be productive. I have so much to do this week! Let’s try to put together some meals for the week!

Monday: Leftovers from our late Easter

Tuesday: Leftovers or concession stand for those who come with me to the track meet if they have it! If they don’t have it…I will probably do Mac & Cheese with Meat in it.

Wednesday: Roast

Thursday: KFC Famous Bowls

Friday: Leftovers with late running and practice that night.

I think all of these are old recipes, except the KFC Bowls, which is everything thrown together. I will add it to the recipe page so you can find them all here: https://heyitsabbey.com/recipes/

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