How is it May?

Can we all take a moment and ask ourselves where the heck did April go? I have been a little MIA this week because honestly, it has been so crazy here! April has come and gone and I am not really sure where it went exactly. May is here and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. Our first two weeks in May are just chaotic, and Sam will hopefully be able to get in the field to plant. I joked with him that this might be the first year where calving season is done before planting even begins. Our weather here has been so up and down and then rain after rain. The calendar is saying it’s time for planting, but the ground and weather are saying it’s not. I pray that this harvest will yield well and we get in the field this month! (I am sure we will get in the field this month, but it’s so late for us)

Last week we had practices, track meets, more practices, and soccer games. Yesterday, Sam worked all the new cattle in the new barn. It’s pretty slick, and will only be better once the indoor working facility is complete! The cattle that he bought last week are great cattle and really look nice. I haven’t really been home or had much to do when I was at home this past week, My biggest plan was to clean and organize my office closet. Which I feel like I do so many times, but then half way through it I get tired of doing it and just throw it all back in. Well this time I ordered containers and bins and other organizers to help me have a better eye pleasing closet. Usually when I clean it out, it looks the same and really defeats me in even cleaning it. They were supposed to get here in the beginning of the week and they never did, the final packaged showed up on Friday, and I was at a track meet. I wasn’t about to come home at 7 and get started on it. I told myself Saturday would be the day I do it after Rylee’s soccer game. That morning, Sam said you know it would be nice if we could run somewhere and getting something for the guys coming to help with the cattle. I just looked at him like seriously? This is the one day I had planned on getting something done and now I am going to be mid way through my closet and going to have to run somewhere. I woke up early for whatever reason that morning, and I just decided what the heck I will just make a few things and that’s going to be good enough. I made, reece’s no bakes, puppy chow, and some seasoned peanuts, along with bags of chips and some peppered turkey with cheese sandwiches. I told him it wasn’t much but that was about as good as I was going to get. It all worked out in the end. They started at 1 (ish) and I went out about 3:30 to deliver the “goods”. I told Sam I haven’t accomplished anything I wanted to get done today. I told him I opened up the office closet and immediately closed it. Haha, no interest in messing with that. I stayed out there for about an hour and when I came back home I got the kids settled, and then decided at 5 at night I would drag everything out of my closet trash, donate, keep, and organize it all. I must say it looks way better now and I am not 100% done, but I definitely made a dent in it! I am thinking I am going to pull the filing cabinet out, because I got me a smaller one for our personal filing things, and let the farm have the bigger one. Hopefully this week or the next two weeks I can clean up Sam’s corner of crap that needs to just be boxed up and make it not so much of an eye sore when you walk into it. It will take time but it’s really going to be so much better!

Now, onto today…we have church, and then straight home to make my fruit salad before heading to a late Easter at the in-laws! We had to push Easter back, and I knew in my head we had it this weekend because my oldest is home, but I completely forgot all about it! Thankfully we got a reminder text and I was still able to add the ingredients to my grocery pick up yesterday! After that I will probably try tackling the office again! Unless Sam is in the house then I should probably spend some time with him. We got a taste last week of what planting life is going to be like when they finally get in the field. It’s not awful, but we sure do miss him when he isn’t in!

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