Motivation depleted.

Holy smokes! I am not really sure where my motivation went, but it’s not with me right now. I think my office closet organization took it all! – It’s not even finished either. Well the closet is organized, but I still want to go through everything in “Sam’s corner” and box it up so it’s not such a mess, and then move the filing cabinet over to his corner…so then once the barn is done he can take that to the office there. Then I can finish my closet once the big file cabinet is out. It has been so gloomy and rainy here that it makes it super hard to get motivated! I don’t remember the last time I slept past 6:30…not complaining because I get stuff done, but this weather just makes me want to sleep in on the days that I can’t. Monday, I had both kiddos with me at the office, and everything went great. I finished up early, so I decided to come home and see if the mower would turn on. I have only been itching at getting it mowed once it finally turned green and everyone else was mowing theirs. I usually wait too long after it turns green that it just looks like crap when I finally mow it for the first time. I already knew that I would need to air the tire up for the mower, but I was hoping it would just start by itself and I wouldn’t have to charge the battery. Once we got home I took the kiddos inside and went out to try and start it. I tried it once and it almost started. My brother in law saved the day and helped jump it for me, and then blew it off and put air in the tire! The boys and I jumped on after that and got the whole yard mowed in less than an hour! With the new buildings up I have less to mow, which is kind of a bummer, I love to mow it’s “my time” plus I get sun while doing it! It looks pretty good for the first mow, and smells so dang good! I love the smell of fresh cut grass! Monday night I went to bed with my house looking like a disaster, I knew I would regret waking up on Tuesday to a house being a mess. Drank my coffee, started laundry, and then hammered away at it! Here is to hoping I get some motivation back and hoping for some nice weather here soon! We could all use some warm weather and a day outside!

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