Tasteful Tuesday.

Last week was again chaos, so we didn’t have much of a menu planned…but we did have supper I promise! You are probably thinking man they really love their chicken drumsticks…well we do like them, but we haven’t had them since I have planned for them in the past few weeks. Remember it has been hectic around here! I am still not 100% on tonight’s menu, I am really not feeling meatballs, but I know the kiddos will eat them better than tacos. We have a couple baseball games in the evening this week, so one of those nights will be left overs or concession stand food. The other one is a home game…so I will just throw patties on the grill once we get home for something fast.

Monday: Golden Spiral Noodles

Tuesday: Taco Meatballs

Wednesday: Left overs or concessions

Thursday: Chicken Drumsticks

Friday: Hamburgers

Pretty simple menu and all are repeats except the Golden Spiral Noodles. I will add that to the recipe page! Which the link for that is right here https://heyitsabbey.com/recipes/

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