Can we find a reasonable substitute.

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I recently was scrolling through Facebook, and came across a post that there would be a gathering at the cemetery this afternoon for a balloon release after the burial. Now please do not take me to be someone who is very insensitive, BUT for the love of God…please do NOT release balloons into the sky unless you have trackers on them and plan to go retrieve every single one that you let go. I cannot preach this enough. Do something else that can be just as fun. Like blowing bubbles, having ribbons on a stick and twirling them around, throwing birdseed, writing a note and placing it into a memory box. Trust me there are plenty of other options to do besides releasing balloons into the sky. When you release a balloon you have no idea where it’s going to land. That balloon is not going to decompose over time. That balloon can be life threatening for many animals, especially those in the livestock business.

I will be honest…have I released a balloon into the sky?! Yes I have. Did I know the consequences of releasing that? Nope. I am here to hopefully make it known to at least one person as to why it’s not a great idea to release them. Had I known this if I moved to the farm probably not. I mean sure we think about it, but do we really think about it? I will never forget having to post a cow and seeing the reason that it died was because of a balloon that was either mowed into the bale or was eaten out in the field.

When I read that post I really wanted to comment to please not release balloons and give examples of other ways to have a memoir or something for the one who passed. I just didn’t want to come off being insensitive to them and their hard loss they just had. I kept to myself, and later saw that someone did comment on their post asking to not release balloons, because of all the livestock that was close by. I am not sure if they took that into consideration, but I sure hope they did. One little balloon can cost one major loss.

Please, stop releasing balloons.

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