Summer Shenanigans.

Oh hey! I don’t even know where to begin, this summer has just been so crazy and honestly I haven’t had a whole lot of down time. When summer comes around we are outside all day everyday and we don’t get inside or go to bed until super late. I don’t find much time to just sit and type away. Trust me there have been times it would have been good for my soul, but it didn’t get done.

Coop is finally out of his boot since the end of June and beginning of July. He is more than thrilled about that and everything healed nicely with no reason to be seen again! It’s a good thing because he got it off just in time for vacation! We took the family on vacation up to Wisconsin to the family cabin. We were there for a week and it was definitely needed by all of us! It felt so good to get away, and this time I felt Sam actually got away. It seems like whenever we go on vacation, he is literally on the phone all day long dealing with work things.

Once we got back from vacation the kids had basically a day to unwind before heading to church camp where they are currently at. I live for seeing the pictures that are added to the site. We have no communication with them and this is the first year Rylee went, and she looks like she is loving it! Makes this momma’s heart happy!

It’s hard to believe that summer break is almost over! Just shy of a month and we are back to the routine of school. Honestly I am looking pretty forward to it! My tasteful Tuesday’s have been at a halt with summer being wild and busy and just not having a strict schedule. We kind of just wing it in the summer.

I am getting ready to prep a list of freezer meals I can get made up and freeze for when fall and harvest gets here. With school activities and harvest it saves me so much time to not have to worry about what I am making. Lay it out to thaw and pop ‘er in the oven or crockpot!

Once school starts back up I will be more consistent with my meal planning and will share! However, I have been cooking still and will add some new recipes to the recipe page, you can find them here:

Here is to posting for the first time in a while, and here is hoping I can keep it up a little better than what I did.

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