Got Some Work In.

I don’t think time will ever slow down. It has its advantages, but more than that it has disadvantages. I just feel we are constantly running, never caught up, and I know my husband feels the same especially in farming. We have our different seasons throughout the year, and even in winter they still stay busy. It’s not as busy so we get more time with him then.

This year, more so spring has seriously been one thing and another and not catching a break on anything. This week has been a busy one, trying to get bales made, welcoming our newest nephew, and trying to get bales off the field so fertilizer can be put on. With the new nephew making his arrival on Monday, meant it was just my husband on the farm. (Which is totally understandable not complaining) My father in law was able to help some, which did save Sam some time, but there is just so much to do for one person in a day. Sometimes you just have to prioritize what’s most important if you know you will not be able to complete it all. I usually work on Monday’s but with it being a holiday on the 19th, I knew that the banks and post office would not be open and knew it wasn’t going to be worth me going to work. I took the day off too and spent time outside with the kiddos. I was put on water checking duty. Our well is still acting up and we keep getting put on the back burner because there are others who need it more than us. We at least have water everywhere, even if it isn’t perfect. Checking the water means going back to the new barn turning the water to see if it’s still coming from the “West place” if it isn’t then I go to the west place and reset the well. This is usually done multiple times a day especially in this heat so the cattle can have enough water.

Tuesday, I knew Sam was stressing, and I don’t know how many times I asked him if there was anything I could do to help him. He kept saying not really. Okay, I reminded him to just holler at me if there was anything I could do that would help him. The kiddos and I were just in the pool all day, so I told him just ask and we can come help. He stopped to see us before he headed out to the field and I again asked one more time, and he said well you could haul the bales on the in-line trailer if you wanted. I said yeah that’s fine as long as you show me first how it works. He wasn’t quite ready for me yet, but told me he would let me know. Well then he said forget it I am just going to do it myself and do what I need to for tonight and wake up early and haul the next day. Later that night he sent me a text saying if I wanted to come out and help haul hay that I could. When I got that message I knew he needed my help and it would save him time if I did. I loaded up the kiddos grabbed the truck with the trailer and helped haul bales. Not going to lie, it was actually really nice being able to help him with something other than checking cows, or something little. This was new to me and it was exciting. Something I could easily handle and felt quite comfortable doing so. Was I perfect at where I needed to be in the field…nope haha, but I learned eventually and yes there is room for improvement, but I was able to help him out. Thank God he had grace with me and didn’t get too worked up. He helped me and worked with me. He told me he wished he didn’t have to quit to check cattle or we would have moved to a different field to haul bales. Get this…he said he liked doing this with me, and I couldn’t agree more!

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