Too Close For Comfort.

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The kids are back from camp and they had an absolute blast! They are ready to go back next summer! All I have to say is I am so glad my kiddos are back home yes it might be a little crazy with all four of them back in the house, but at least I can hear them, hold them, talk to them.

While the kids were at camp, Friday, the last day of camp parents got an email stating that there is an active shooter not too far from the camp. That the shooter still has not been taken into custody. Immediately my heart starts pounding, my stomach is in knots, and I just want my kids. It hits a little differently when your kids are so close to it. The camp that the kids go to take trips to where the active shooter was. The kids were safe, but it’s not a very settling feeling knowing that this shooter is still out there. New precautions were put in place for pick up for the kids.

Thankfully no campers were present where the active shooting was. My heart hurts a little more and feels a little more for the family that lost their lives under a random, careless act of a human. Don’t get me wrong and mass or active shooting is awful, and I feel for the family of those who lost someone. This one though, when my kids were so close just makes me uneasy and really feel for the family who lost their lives.

A family enjoying their day camping, and making memories tragically ended because of one human being. Why?! It’s sickening. All for this active shooter to end his life after it all. I am not for anyone harming themselves at all, but why must you harm someone who is completely innocent first.

I am holding my kiddos closer and thanking God that they are safe. Anymore in life I keep getting reminded that life is so short. Don’t miss out, and don’t take the little things for granted.

My heart goes to the families that lost their loved ones and so many thoughts and prayers for them!

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