Harest is Here.

Fall is here which means harvest is here. This is a post that I will probably repeat year after year. I love everything about fall, but harvest is the tricky part. I love the weather, the smells, everything that goes with fall. Then we throw harvest into the mix and I remember why I have a love/hate relationship with fall. Early mornings, late nights, constant worrying about my farmer, and single mom life with four kids. Makes for a very long harvest!

Lately the kids have been coming home as complete monsters from school. They are certainly giving me a run for my money. Bedtime is usually 8:30 on a school night, but I might have bumped it up by an hour or thirty minutes depending on their moods. I have been getting up early and staying up as late as I can, so I am able to see Sam for just a little while in the day. By the time I get the youngest one asleep I am barely able to keep my eyes opened, or I fall asleep with him. On my days off I get some me time or quiet time before Heath wakes up, and then at night I try to get some quiet time when they all fall asleep if I am able to stay awake.

This year harvest looks about the same as it did last year. We are waiting on our new combine to get in, which fingers crossed it will actually get here by the end of October. That’s the second scheduled date. The current combine is acting up, and it’s making harvest go a little slower than we would prefer. Especially on these nice days that we could be knocking things out. Like everything since the pandemic, it’s so hard to find parts and get them to us in a timely manner. John Deere, is working at getting us the part that we need, but they don’t necessarily have to get it to us either. Like Sam said though, if they knew what is good for them they will since we just bought a brand new combine from them. That wouldn’t be the way to start things out by pissing your customer off. Fingers crossed we can get a new part soon, or the combine comes earlier than expected!

Last year, I made supper for the guys every night or close to every night that they were in the field. I loved doing it and I felt bad that I wasn’t doing it before all of this. Especially when my schedule wasn’t as hectic with all the kids. I knew they appreciated it though. Nothing like going all night not having anything to eat and trying to stay awake. This year my load of meals isn’t as hefty. The two other wives are helping out this year and it makes it a lot less stressful trying to get meals to the guys every night with four kids, activities, getting the kids fed, kids to bed, and the list goes on and on all by myself. This week I have already had a hectic schedule when it came to getting the guys food on Monday, and Tuesday due to activities. I got the food out there later than planned, but they had a late lunch so that helped!

To all the mama’s and farm wives out there…hope you all keep your sanity, stay strong, and enjoy a tractor/combine ride with your significant other this harvest! Have a safe and hopefully smooth going harvest for 2022!

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