The Exhausted Mama.

Harvest is here, and I am 100% exhausted from it. If all goes as planned we should be done with beans in the next day in half. Sam got home at a decent time last night, and I felt so bad because I could not keep my eyes open for anything. I think I talked to him for just a little while and then fell asleep. Today and tomorrow I have a break from meals and I am looking forward to it. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love doing it, but I definitely need a break. I feel like I am running on empty, but somehow I keep managing to push through. If you know me, you know that I always have to make my bed no matter what time it is. This week I think I have made my bed once, and I told myself it’s fine (although it drives me crazy). My day when I do suppers and work are always hectic. I get up at 6 in the morning, get the kiddos ready for school. Sam quits chores long enough to take the kids to the bus, and then I get myself ready. Go to work, come home, get the kids off the bus, get the oldest from practice, come home, start making supper, dish out supper, deliver supper, come home, feed the kids supper, clean up supper, get the kids ready for bed, finish cleaning and picking up the house, and then ONLY if I can keep my eyes open still I can have maybe 10 minutes of quiet time by myself before I fall asleep. I know this sounds like just a normal day in a house of kids, but it’s different I promise.

During harvest it makes me realize that even when Sam is home and when I don’t think he is doing a whole lot laying on the floor. That he really is, he is keeping the kids out of my hair while I can quickly clean up the after supper mess. He starts on getting them ready for bed, he lays with them while I continue to tidy up other things around the house. Then when we are both done we can both have time with each other in the quiet. You never know how much help one is until they are not here. That’s always so true, and I always forget about it until Sam is in harvest, planting, or hunting. **Note to myself, “try” to remember this on the daily even when Sam is home.** He does more than “Just laying on the floor”

Now, I am going to finish the rest of my hot coffee while the youngest is still sound asleep. Ahhh the little things.

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