Ready for the Calm.

Harvest is basically over with, and let me tell you I am so happy about that! I know there is still a lot to do to be ready for winter, but the late nights are finished (or soon to be). 20 acres is all that is left of the neighbors, and that should be done tomorrow! Managing four kids and their hectic schedules plus taking meals to the field close to every night has been intense! Nothing I can’t handle at all and I love it all, but I am ready for the calm now.

Sporting activities for the winter are in full swing! Cooper decided to go out for wrestling for the first year, and I am so excited to watch him at his first meet this Thursday! Grahm, decided he wanted to try basketball and who am I to tell him no? He is beyond excited for it. I can’t wait to watch him at his first practice tonight! Sam and I have always been the parents who do not push our kids to do anything, but we are not going to tell them no if they show interest or want to try something.

This is ready for the calm right? Harvest is over and now I am adding sporting events to the calendar? Who am I kidding it’s never calm around here always on the go and making things happen for everyone.

Are you constantly on the go?

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