Crossing it Off.

I told you! I did it! This mama made a to-do list yesterday, and I of course went after the biggest one on the list. It had to be done though, in order for me to be successful in other areas I needed this to be complete before I could move on. I moved the big catch all desk that was under the animal painting out of the office. It wasn’t doing anything but holding my computer, printer, and literally a catch all for everything! It needed to be gone, it was big and bulky and just a huge eye sore for me.

**Please do not mind Sam’s “office area” as this is huge progress since I went through everything earlier last year. The goal or plan is to finish the new barn office area, but Sam thinks he is going to do it himself. Hmmm…guessing it will be awhile before he moves his stuff out there. Once he does I have plans to move in a cute rug and possibly a comfy/cozy sitting area. My goals on a room is to make it a space where I want to be and where I never want to leave. Currently I think I can say that about my room, laundry room, and office (close). Wow, I probably sound super ungrateful saying that out loud. I love my house it’s cozy. Would I change things from what we decided on in the past, absolutely. I am happy, I have a home, and I love my home. There is really no place like home.

Anyways, I knocked out a lot of big things on my list yesterday and it felt wonderful! I didn’t get it all done, but there is always tomorrow…and this weekend. I think I will focus on it then!

I treated myself to a tasty drink and called it a night!

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