My Kids Drive Me Crazy.

Yup, I said it! I don’t feel bad about it one bit. My kids are good kids, and we all get along great…but there is always going to be that time or day where they just absolutely drive you crazy. You’ll do anything to get away from them for 30 seconds, because we all know you’re lucky if you get 5 seconds to yourself. Don’t get me wrong I love them, but those days where they are just running around like wild men and making all kinds of noise at the top of their lungs definitely gets to you after awhile. Take this for example, one of my kids is sitting next to me and with every single move he makes he follows up with an awful sound every. single. time.

It’s that constant fighting, nagging, tattle telling, screaming, hollering, crying, and whatever else they can make come out of their bodies that gets me to my breaking point. I know it’s not all the time, but it’s in full force the days that it happens. Along with it just being me in the house to have to deal with it. Then my husband wonders why I am in such a good mood when he gets inside for the night…well honey, I have been listening to your kids all day long.

Trust me, I am not complaining, I am just letting it out because there isn’t anyone else to spill the beans to. Plus, it feels better to get it off my chest somehow then to hold it all in and unleash it at a later time- which will probably come out 10 times worse then what it needs to be. I know there will be a time or a moment in life where I will miss all the noise and commotion, but at this moment I just need 30 seconds of quiet to recollect myself from this madness. Ope, there it is now possibly! Fingers crossed this mama needs it!

Remember, embrace the madness, don’t get caught up in it, and love those babies because someday soon it will not be this chaotic. I promise mama.

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