I want to date.

Did I get your attention?! Yes, I am married, but I want to go on a stinking date night with my husband! We usually go on dates for special occasions and before and after harvest. My goodness though, he is finally done with his harvest, but he has been working with a neighboring farmer/friend and they still have 120-ish acres left. Ugh! I am hoping this week they can get it knocked out, but we are supposed to get rain late tonight into tomorrow.

Last night they quit early due to finishing a field and not having the light they needed for where they were working at the bin sight along with a few other things. It was nice to have him inside for supper, but he has been running hard lately to finish that we were both in bed by 9:30. Hopefully within a week things get back to normal and maybe we can make it up for at least one show without someone falling asleep. Here is to hoping! I am ready to get dressed up and go on a date!

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