I used to care.

I did, I used to care what people thought of me, what people said about me, if I pissed people off, or anything else that people would come up with just to make me feel self doubt. I am over it! I have been for awhile now and it feels really dang good to not give two shits about it. I mean I am sorry if I piss you off….but trust me it’s because you have a problem with me not the other way around. You will know if I am pissed at you it will be very known. If I don’t make it known then you are the one with the issue of me, and girl that’s on you. Don’t get mad, don’t get jealous, trust me I am nothing to be jealous of. However, if that’s how YOU feel….then maybe you should do something about it. Stop and take a second and ask yourself why you are feeling this way? If it is something you can easily fix then do the damn thing. Be better, try harder, impress yourself, better yet do it for yourself if that’s what you really want! I am nowhere close to perfect and no one is. Do I set goals for myself, do I have expectations for myself, do I strive to achieve all of those to the best that I can? Abso-freaking-lutely! Am I hard on myself when I don’t reach them, no…I try harder the next time. I realize things comes up or get in the way it happens. Just let this sink in…you stand in your own way of things. If you really want something then DO IT. It might not happen right away, but work up to it and make it happen if it’s really what you want.

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