Social Media and its bullshit.

I am just going to be really honest here…a lot that I am getting ready to type is going to be all over the place, and probably a lot of randomness. I will try my best to keep it all in check, but as I have sat here the past couple of days and stewed on this I just need to start typing it to get it off my chest. Trust me, I have vented about this multiple times already and I just keep getting more and more pissed off. I am also going to warn you that I will probably have more swearing in this over all my other posts. I am just so fucking pissed and annoyed over this topic.

Are you ready for it?! SOCIAL MEDIA and all the BULLSHIT that comes with it. How many people do you know has some type of social media to express themselves through it? I am pretty sure every single person in this world should have their hand up. Social media is made for that. You get to express yourself, and share whatever you want to share. Except the last few years it hasn’t really been that way. You might be able to share something, and then within 24 hours it’s taken down because that platform may not agree with what you have to say or think. That’s so fucked up. What the hell happened to freedom of speech?! I recently posted something on Facebook that many might not agree with. I might get comments that I don’t agree with, but I just let them be and vent somewhere else about it. That person had every right to voice their opinion whether or not I agreed with it or not. I woke up this morning to that post being “banned” from Facebook because God forbid I share something that Facebook doesn’t agree with. You know what I do when I don’t agree with something I MOVE THE FUCK along and I vent to my husband about it. Everyone has the right to voice their opinions, thoughts, feelings, and anything else they damn well choose to voice. EVEN IF IT’S NOT WHAT YOUR AGREE WITH.

Over the past few years I have noticed a lot of my “friends” on Facebook and myself do not share the same opinions. They may share things that I don’t agree with, but guess what you have multiple options…you can keep scrolling, you can click the unfriend button, or you can start something on social media that will most likely not end well and will lead to one of you unfriending the other. Am I saying completely disregard this person out of your life? No, I am saying find a way to move on. If this is someone who is constantly posting something that’s bringing negativity into your life then yeah…maybe getting rid of this person off of social media is the way to go or mute/block their posts.

We are living in a world where I am constantly seeing someone scared or feel uneasy to post something that is so personal to them, or something they strongly agree on because of what social media has become. It’s sickening. Someone should not be torn down or beat up for something they post on social media. It’s ridiculous. I get some things are or need to be up for discussion, but please find a respectful way to do it or simply move on with life. There is always that unfriend button or option to stop following.

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