Pushing the restart button.

Can we just hit the restart button? I told myself I would be posting or writing every day or close to it…yeah that went down the shitter. 🤣 I know the new year is the entire worlds “restart” button, but I need a re-do on that one. I’ve been thinking lately that I’m just not (fully) happy with my life which in return I’m not (fully) happy with myself. Meaning I’m not happy physically and mentally with myself. I want to focus on myself to improve my mental state, so I can better my family. It’s so true when someone says you can’t do better for your kids/family/or whatever unless you do better for yourself first. In which it’s perfectly fine to become selfish for you to live a better life for yourself and your kids/family. My plan is to set a certain amount of time whether it’s all at once, broken up into small periods of time to work on myself. Which could mean exercise, self care, I mean the possibilities are really endless when it comes to the things I can/want to do for myself. I’m tired of feeling like crap, I’m tired of looking into the mirror at myself and not being happy. I’m tired of the moods of love and hate battling themselves and leaving me to be in a ball of emotions. I’m ready to feel good about myself and love myself unconditionally. Here is to hitting my restart button (again)

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