Cattle barn update

Cattle barn progress

If you remember me updating you all a few months ago saying our concrete was being done to the new barn site and the building should be delivered the following week….and then in the middle of me typing it my husband called and said it now wasn’t going to get delivered until the beginning of the year? Yeah well…let me update you again on that. Our farm had a grant that was being honored from the derecho and in order to get it the building needed to be done by the end of last year…well yeah that didn’t happen. Thankfully it wasn’t just us that had issues do to covid that wasn’t getting their supplies and items that we needed. The grant was continued and we have until March to get our barn up! Yay, exciting news since you know our building is said to be up by the end of this month. Right! Like anything can go our way! My husband called the main operator in the barn building and was wanting an update. Well…our luck is never on our side. The building company that the contractor goes through has yet to start the process of the building. Which means it was going to be another 4-6 weeks before the building got delivered, and then it would take the same time to get it up! Immediately no. Our contractor put a stop to it and thankfully got in contact with some Amish who has completed buildings for him before and they will be here within this month to next month to get it up. Once they get it here I have no doubt that it will get put up fast! A little set back, but by the grace of God it should be up before the end of March and I am so dang excited for it! I took a stroll down it not too long ago and it’s going to be so nice once it’s completed!

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