Hype night.

Last night was a pretty wild night. If you were to tell me 10 years ago that I would be at my house with three out of the four kiddos by myself, and got the sudden urge to clean/organize my makeup drawer in my bathroom and my mess of a closet in the office I would have laughed at your face. Except, here I am doing just that. Not mad about it one bit. Not even surprised about it at all actually. The hubs and the oldest went with some family and friends to the gun show. I was asked, and at the time I didn’t want to go. Am I second guessing that? Nope, not at all. Honestly, I think I realize how much I appreciate Sam when it’s just me. Makes me fall for him even more, being apart from him so much makes me really appreciate and love the time that I have with him when he is in. Does that mean I always show it? Hell no. –Sorry for that Sammy. 🙂 I spent the night with the kiddos, and then got the urge to clean out my bathroom drawer and my awful office closet. It was a disaster…I can finally step in it without having to drag something out of the way. I promise my house is not all like that, but the office is probably the one room I don’t spend that much time in…especially the closet. Everything gets thrown in there. Out of sight out of mind…that has never been more true when it comes to that. I also hung up a picture in our mudroom bathroom. We will see how long it takes Sam to realize that. Probably not that long since that’s the main bathroom that gets used. I ordered a few more organizers for under our bathroom sinks, and then possibly for my bathroom drawers. That is on my list for next week to accomplish.

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