A little behind.

Oh what a week it has been! I know I haven’t been steady here the last few days when it has come to posting. I have been so busy and all over the place it just hasn’t been done. I don’t even know where to begin or if I make a post for every day that I have missed saying what all went down. I will just briefly get you up to speed. Sunday, we took the kiddos + a cousin to Monster Jam with some friends! Oh man, were they surprised and they loved it! They haven’t stopped talking about it. Monday, I worked and did all the mom things/running. Tuesday, well as you noticed my Tasteful Tuesday menu, never got posted. Why? I straight up do not have one this week. Guess what we have had for supper?! Not a whole lot! To be organized for supper seriously takes so much stress off of me. It’s just there I know what I am making and when I get the oldest from track practice I start supper immediately. This week he has two track meets, so it really was making meal planning a little tricky. Not knowing if anyone will even be home on those days I didn’t want to plan something and have it be wasted. Next week he only has one meet, so it might make it a little easier to figure out a menu. Rest assure, Tasteful Tuesday will be back next week! Then today is a work day, but it’s pretty slow going for me at work and half the time I drive there and only have an hour of work to do. Not really worth the drive, but my mom sent me a text this morning telling me I can stay home and enjoy the kids since there isn’t much to do at the office. Knowing we have been all over the place. I didn’t argue with her one bit. My to do list is a mile long, and my laundry from this weekend is piled high! That’s just a quick run down of everything that has been going on this week and why I have been a little absent! I will get back up to my daily posting! Happy Wednesday, and here is to getting that to do list knocked out!

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