Happy Day.

4/25/22 First load of cattle in the new barn.

Monday was the day! The day we got to put cattle in our new barn! Just one pen is ready, but we are hoping that today they get another one finished too. Sam went to the sale on Monday, because we are looking at our last options to get the barn filled without striking out on great cattle to fill it up with. Thankfully Sam has some great friends who help him out when it comes to letting him know if there is something worth getting at the sales around us. Grahm got to go with him Monday, and he was the one who bought the cattle. I think it makes a lot of guys’ days when they see the next generation coming along with their ol’ man and being a part of the process. I know it makes my day! Once they bought what they wanted, they loaded them up and I got off work a little early, so I was able to be there when they let the new cattle into the barn. It was really hard trying not to smile, so I didn’t fight it. The guys did great with their buy and the cattle sure looked happy being in their new setting! The barn is not completely finished but it’s sure getting closer, and as long as the cattle can stay in it we are getting somewhere. We are anxiously waiting for the day we can say it’s completed! Then after that I will be counting down the days until I can say my little critters lot is finished!

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