Living in chaos.

Oh hey! Did you miss me?! Remember me telling you this month was just going to be absolutely crazy when it comes to our family schedule!? Well that was no joke! I honestly have been in go mode for the past week to two weeks and after this weekend it (might) fingers crossed slow down. So much has happened in this past week that I wanted to share with you on, but my nights were long and by the time I got home or in bed I was asleep. Let’s do a recap shall we? I will try to make it short and sweet!

Thursday, May 5th: Nothing too much I had planned getting some stuff around the house done and take my dog to get groomed. He was scheduled for 11:30 in the morning, so I made sure I kept him clean and in the garage until we left. His groomer messaged me at 10:30 asking if we could push it back to 2, so no problem. Kept Charlee clean still. Time rolls around to take him…my husband forgot that he was getting groomed and let him out without me knowing. I kid you not Charlee had cattle shit on all four of his paws/legs. Looked like a total mess. After his grooming…naked rat we have now for a dog! I will share pictures!


Friday, May 6th: Worked, and the kids had practices and I had late running to do with my oldest. Got home and just took it easy.

Saturday, May 7th: Rylee had a soccer game first thing in the morning at 9. Then she had pictures after her game. Beautiful day out! Cooper was supposed to go to the state track meet with his team, but they ended up not having enough kids to make a full team so that got cancelled. After Rylee’s game I ran to a local feed store to grab some milk replacement, sweet flakes, and puppy food- oh you just wait!! Then headed to the local greenhouse and picked out a hanging basket for my Step-mom, and gift card for my mother in law for Mother’s Day! The guys are busy working, so now they don’t have much time to stop and come in for lunch. I ran to Fareway, and grabbed some things for Sunday’s supper for Mother’s Day, and grabbed some sandwich meat and bread to stock the fridge again! I got home and I put groceries away, and then it was too beautiful to not spend time outside so the kiddos got to play. I cleaned out the rabbit hutches, and let the chickens out to free range. In the evening we were headed to my niece’s dance recital. BUT, with it being nice out my husband was in the field spraying and the chemicals that he was working with was not what the boys should be around. He couldn’t take them with him, and my father in law was going to the recital. My FIL sent me a message seeing if I wanted to switch him and I could go and he would watch the kids. We planned on that, but then once they came to pick Rylee up he never got out of the car. I was ready to go and then he decided to make an appointment, so I ended up not going. Instead we stayed outside and I cleaned out the much needed chicken coop and where the rabbits stayed this winter for a bit. Needless to say I got a workout in and had a nice cold marg once I was finished.

Cleaning the chicken house

Sunday, May 8th: Kiddos had Sunday School, and we had church afterwards. Heath got baptized FINALLY! He was born in the end of September, and my grandparents winter in Arizona, so they were not home and I wanted them to be there. We decided to wait until they got back, well then Covid hit and well yeah you know what happened then. By the time church was getting back into in person services it was winter again and my family was wintering in Arizona! There are two others who were getting baptized beginning of 2022 I think I can’t remember, but it didn’t work since I had family gone. Well finally we found a time that would work and of course it landed on Mother’s Day, I informed my family they did not have to feel like they had to come since it was on Mother’s Day. Some came and some didn’t. It was a good turn out, and Heath made me tear up some. He was so big, he walked up to the Pastor all by himself gave him a thumbs up before walking up the steps and let the Pastor hold him! He was pretty sweet! I didn’t plan on anything after church with it being Mother’s Day. We headed back home and I anxiously waited for my phone to go off! Sam and I pulled off a surprise for the kiddos! We got a puppy! I went and got it while Sam stayed home with the kids, because it’s my pup! The kiddos were so surprised and we are all in love with sweet Dottie girl! She is an Australian Shepard! I know adding a pup to our crazy schedule!

Meeting Dottie
Heath’s baptism

Monday, May 9th: Thank God for family close! Another crazy day! Sam is not much help when it comes to this busy time of the year especially this year! Weather has not been on our side for planting. Once it’s go time he pushes hard to get everything done because you never know when the weather men will be wrong or right! I worked that day and Dottie came with me and the boys because my mom had the kennel I forgot to have her bring on Friday. She was the best one out of the boys if you can believe that! I got out of work early so we stopped at my Grandma’s house to show her Dottie. Then got the kiddos off the bus! Once we got home we took it easy. Grahm is in t-ball and once games start they don’t have practice. Well a hour before practice we get a text saying that are having it! REALLY! I have to pick Cooper up from track practice, get Grahm to practice by 5:30, and then get Cooper to his band/choir concert by 6:30. No way could I be in 3 places at one time. Thankfully my Sister in law helped me and was able to take Grahm to practice and bring him home. Sam picked him up when he got done.


Tuesday, May 10th: Hang on! First of all it was my Father in law’s birthday. I reminded Sam…anyone else have to do that?! Then Sam and I had a dentist appointment back to back. He really couldn’t afford to quit what he was doing to go, but their scheduling has changed and it’s hard to get in if you have to cancel. I went first then Sam, I grabbed my grocery order and lunch while Sam went. The boys and I mowed the yard, and I got a couple loads of laundry done. I still have more! Then Cooper had his Conference track meet and his last one of the season! That kid kick some serious butt in ALL his races! It was certainly a hot one though, so I wasn’t sure how he would do running in it but he did so good! I reminded him to keep the fluids in him all day so he wouldn’t get dehydrated! The 7th grade boys ended up winning the conference meet! Sam was able to sneak away for an hour to watch him run. He hasn’t been able to watch him yet because of field work. I think he was pretty impressed! We got home and had to do the little chores with Rylee who will be taking over the evening chores herself. After that…bath time! The kids were sweaty dirtballs! Haha!

Kicking butt in his mile! First place!

Wednesday, May 11th: Here we are for today! I am working and the boys came with me. Grahm has his first game and he is so excited! I can’t wait to watch him play tonight. He is really loving baseball and I love that! I am sure we will be having baths again tonight! The weather is feeling like summer so that means bath night is every night now!

Phew! I think I am caught up! I know it was longer than I was planning, but a lot of stuff went down! Miss Dottie is a pro at night and I thank God for that one! This mama needs her sleep…and she is sleeping better than my newborns did!

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