Catch Up.

Seriously I tell you! Take a busy week already and add in surprises to it just makes for a wild ride. This week I am counting my blessings and loving my family a little more. My goal of posting daily was going well at the beginning of the year, and these last two months have just been hit or miss. Kids have been in more activities, living that single mom life with field work, and just not having the energy to sit down and type away. Trust me, I have wanted to multiple times…but it just didn’t get done. My last post I believe was Saturday catching up on life or maybe it was Sunday? See all my days are running together.

Anyways, Sunday, was the last day of Sunday school for the kiddos. They got to sing up front and participate in the service. Then after church they had a pot luck. Well Saturday, we had a busy day and we were gone from 8:30-9 at night. When we finally came inside I noticed Grahm’s drink was sitting out and meant to grab it. Well life got crazy and I forgot to get it, and guess what he found it! He drank a whole glass of milk that had been sitting out all day long. I know, absolutely disgusting! It clearly wasn’t curdled, but it couldn’t have been good milk either. Well guess who paid for that one early morning? You got that right, Grahm did! I right away assumed that’s what it was from. Well I wasn’t going to chance it and I told him that he would have to stay home with dad. He was fine with that. All day he was acting fine and we had plans to go to a family graduation. Drove all the way there went to get Grahm out of his chair and noticed he got sick again. Kept everyone out of the car with Sam, and I took the card up to the box…back to the car I went to get Grahm cleaned up. Didn’t get sick again. Then Monday morning during the night I went to check on him and he got sick again. After that he was perfectly fine, but I told him I wasn’t going to take him to his t-ball game just to make sure and let him rest one more day. He wasn’t too happy, but I let him play outside for awhile. Tuesday rolls around and he is 100% better!

Tuesday, well did I tell you I am hairdresser now?! Yup! Went online and watch an 18 minute YouTube video of how to cut the boy’s hair with scissors on the top part. I was a little nervous because if I messed up that meant I would be buzzing their hair off. It might have taken way too long to do, but I didn’t want to mess up. With practice I will get better, but my goodness I think I did a pretty dang good job! The boys were so excited and told me they want me to do it from here on out! Deal! My oldest even let me cut his, so you know I must not be doing too bad when he’s 13 and lets me do it! We also mowed again and spent the day outside! Wednesday, worked and had a t-ball game which I had to work the concessions for. It wasn’t horrible, just not my thing though.

Thursday, Sam was wanting to move cattle to a new pasture plus work them and get them in groups to move to different pastures. Usually it’s not a hard thing to do, but with how the weather has been, and our calves coming all at once…the cattle move was a shit show. I will just leave it at that! Thankfully all cows and calves made it one way or another to the new pasture. Once I was done helping Heath and I ran to town to get mulch for my trees, and my new flower bed I am hoping to get in this weekend. I wish I would have known I was doing this new bed when I went and got my flowers earlier this month. Everything was completely picked over at all three places we went. I am not sure if I even have enough plants, but I will know better once I get it laid out how I want it. After that it was time to get the kiddos off the bus and make an hour drive to pick up a new member of our family! Rylee replaced her bunny she lost this winter, and my niece and nephew got a couple for themselves!

This week was the last full week of school for the kiddos, and let me tell you it gets harder with this nice weather to get them in bed when they should be. That makes for a hard to get up little girl in the mornings, and a crabby one in the afternoon. We are ready for school to be done, and things to slow down…but I know that’s not going to happen!

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