A Quiet Day.

The kiddos are in swimming lessons and today they were postponed due to not enough staff going to be there. They will make them up on Friday. Well, Sam had planned on taking Heath our youngest for the day because he isn’t doing much other than hauling bales. Heath enjoys doing that and it’s safe for him to go with. With lessons getting postponed the other two kiddos wanted to stay home and go with him. He was fine with that, so I got a day to myself and worked in the quiet…it was seriously the best thing ever. Now, don’t get me wrong I am forever grateful that they get to come to work with me, but when I am with them 24/7 and their energy and volume lately has been well over 100 this momma needs a little break.

I usually just suck it up though and tell Sam that it’s fine I can take them. I mean I can take them I have no issue with taking them and I am fully capable of handling them all at the office. If I wasn’t then I shouldn’t have had children. Am I right? I don’t want to deprive the kiddos of being interested in farming or wanting to go with dad on some days. However, I am very picky about when they can go with him. When it’s a very busy time for him I would rather they stay with me. I know Sam watches them, but when there is a lot going on I know his mind isn’t always remembering the kids first thing. When he told me what he was doing today I was fine with sending them with him. I knew they would just be riding in the truck with him while hauling bales.

Today was a nice little break and I certainly needed it! Now to relax with the kiddos…ha (try) to relax with the kiddos.

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