New ride.

We have been in a long process of ordering a new Ranger since what feels like last year. Except when I think about it we ordered them the beginning of this year. We were supposed to get them in the summer, but they cancelled the order because they were no longer making 2021 Rangers anymore.Continue reading “New ride.”

Exciting news.

It’s an exciting week for us around the farm! Last year (which we all know how last year went for everyone) hit pretty hard when the derecho came through and knocked out a huge chunk of our farm, land, and buildings. It came out of no where and I am so thankful that everyone andContinue reading “Exciting news.”

I want to date.

Did I get your attention?! Yes, I am married, but I want to go on a stinking date night with my husband! We usually go on dates for special occasions and before and after harvest. My goodness though, he is finally done with his harvest, but he has been working with a neighboring farmer/friend andContinue reading “I want to date.”

The Feeling of Comparison

We all do it, we sit there and just compare ourselves to everyone. Especially those that we can relate to the most. The other moms, the other wives, the other farmer’s wives, the list can truly go on and on. I am all of the above. I compare myself the most when it comes toContinue reading “The Feeling of Comparison”