Farm sounds.

The guys weaned calves this last week, so our house was pretty loud for the last week. They have calmed down and are feeling a little more at ease without their mamas close by. Their mamas can still be somewhat close but no touching just looking at them from a far. Here soon they will be closed off and won’t be able to see each other at a close distance. It’s all a part of the system. Yes, it is hard to hear them cry for their moms, but they get a lot of loving from us when they are in our front yard. We have definitely had hard goodbyes though with having them so close to us. Miss Rylee girl had a favorite cow that was black but on its face it looked like it was splashed with white. I believe she named it Sparkles or Sprinkles…I can’t remember now. Anyways, it was a very hard day for her when she had to tell it goodbye. We made sure to take pictures of the two of them so she would always remember it. The cattle are pretty well tempered for the most part, if they aren’t they get an early ride to the sale barn because we don’t need that around. From the start when I met Sam I can always remember every chance I had I would be out there in the lot taming those babies and naming every single bottle calf we would get. Now, it’s fun watching the kids name them all and get just as excited as I was and am when it comes to it.

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