I let it go.

Last night was an extremely busy night for me. From getting the kids picked up from school, to getting my car picked back up from getting the oil changed, to taking kids to practices, and then coming home and making supper, getting the kids ready for bed, picking up the house that I had already picked up during the day, and well you know the list goes on and on…

I had sent a message to my husband asking if he could preheat the oven for supper, so all I had to do was throw the fries in and our hamburger patties would all be done at the same time. Which he did that helped me out, and he got Rylee girls homework done too. I made supper had announced that it was ready I DID get a response so I didn’t feel like I needed to repeat myself. Well I then proceeded to get the kids plates ready, and no one else was getting up, so I went ahead and got mine and sat at the table to eat it. I took a few bites and I said is no one else going to eat I told you it was time to eat 10 minutes ago?! “Oh you did” yuuup, I did “Well I didn’t hear you.” Well you responded so I took that as you did and I didn’t need to repeat myself.

Fast forward, everyone had supper and I am in the kitchen getting things cleaned up and put away. Well we usually depending on what time it is let the kids have a dessert or something sweet after supper. Rylee wanted a frozen go-gurt and I told her that was fine, but to see if dad could get it for her since he wasn’t doing anything (but sitting on the couch playing a freaking game on his phone) and I was trying to get things put away. She asked dad, and I swore he said he was getting it, I would bet money on it. Well 5 minutes later and me getting irritated at that point that she still didn’t have her dessert and he is still busy playing his damn game. I snapped a bit saying are you going to get her dessert? Then….ready…”Well I thought you were getting it.” Really?! You thought I was just going to stop picking stuff up from supper and in the kitchen to go get her dessert when you are literally sitting there playing a useless game on the couch? Hmmm. He got my point and went out to get it for her. Once I got the kitchen picked up, I decided I would pick up the rest of the house because it was a disaster from the time I was at practice and when I got home. I am being pretty loud as I pick up because guess what he is back on the couch playing that dang game. (insert big ol’ eye roll here) I get things picked up and then come into the living room where he is and there is dirty clothes from kids getting ready for bed all over the place, and trash from the dessert he got the kids. I went to pick them up and threw them away. Then I got the laundry that I had finished that day put away. After all that, I come back out to the living room and find one more toy I missed so I picked it up before sitting down. As I picked it up and was walking out he goes “Want me to help you/is there anything I can do?” Uhhhhhh…..I really REALLY wanted to snap, but I bit my tongue and said “No I got it” and walked away.

Then…it was bed time for Rylee, and I will give him credit on this 🙂 he had her go into the bathroom and brush her teeth before bed. Well she was done for about 10 minutes….and he was still sitting on the couch playing his game. I was NOT tucking her in I thought he can set that phone down and put her to bed. After me telling her it was bedtime every minute on the minute I think that he finally got the idea and went to tuck her in. Now I am not saying my husband is lazy because I know he isn’t, and he does help me out a lot. However, on those days that he slacks a bit it’s those days that I really could use that extra help and not have to ask for it as he could CLEARLY hear how LOUD I was being on purpose putting those toys away.

I let it go, and didn’t say anything which who knows if it was for the better or not. I did though, see myself to an early bedtime and he got to put the other two boys to bed. You are probably thinking, whoa lady it’s not that big of a deal. You’re right it isn’t now, but at that time heck it would have been nice to have a little help.

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