Knocking out a busy weekend.

2022 flower pots
2022 garden planted!

Seriously, I promise I am not forgetting to post. It’s just by the time I get up in the morning and then back inside for the night I am completely exhausted. I would probably find myself falling asleep at my computer. What a busy end of the week and busy weekend! Our weather has been beautiful! Thursday, the kiddos got out 2 hours early due to the heat, so once they got home what did we do…played outside all day long. We brought out the water balloons, the sprinklers, and the slip in slides! Heath and I ran to town in the morning and stopped at our local feed store to get bedding for the chickens, chicken feed, calf milk, sweet flakes, and latches. After that we went to the greenhouse and got plants and flowers for my flower pots! Heath helped me plant the pots and after that I found a patch I skipped when I mowed. Here is where I didn’t realize to do something before it was too late. All while my husband and brother in law sat in the ranger and watched it happen. I forgot to lift the deck of the mower, so instead of making it even to the rest of the grass it was shorter. Big fail…so I had to mow the whole yard again..yeah I just mowed two days before that. Oh well! The yard looks nice. BIG news! The guy’s are planting FINALLY! It’s definitely a good feeling!

Friday, I didn’t have to work because two of the four kiddos had field trips! They didn’t need volunteers for Grahm’s class, but parents could meet up for Rylee’s trip. I ended up heading to the farm/conservative center and spent the day with Rylee. I think she really enjoyed it, and I think some of her friends in her class who didn’t have parents there enjoyed me being there. I told Sam it was like I had a handful of girls for a day! (So glad I have more boys than girls) 🙂 Then later that night Grahm had a t-ball game, that kid sure loves t-ball. After the game was over he wanted to go home and “Practice t-ball every single day so he can get gooder and gooder.” He really loves it and it makes me so happy! He even gave me some pointers as I played/practiced with him. He really soaked up everything the coaches tell him.

Saturday, Rylee girl had a soccer game…she had probably the most people there to watch her play. Guess what?! She didn’t hardly go in because she didn’t want to. Seriously girl! After her game we spent literally all day over at my Sister’s house, we helped her with her garden while the kiddos got to play and do whatever! It was nice spending time with my mom, sister, and sister in law with all the kids! I think everyone really enjoyed it! We ran to Theisen’s after we finished her garden, and we got vegetable plants for our garden at home. Once we got home, Sam needed me to check cattle so the kids and I loaded up in the ranger and headed off to check the cattle. They all looked good, and we spotted a very fresh one! Once we got back from checking cattle the kids helped and played outside while I got the garden planted. I got all of our plants in the ground, just need to empty my new water tank that has crap in it, and have Sam move it so I can do my seed veggies! It was a long but fun day!

Today, we have church and my cousin’s graduation party. It will be another busy day for us, and I am hoping I can knock off some of my to do lists in between church and the graduation party! Happy Sunday, and enjoy the day!

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